Health and Wellness

We are committed to helping you get the health care you need. We also want you to have access to resources that can help you meet your health goals. That's why we offer the following educational information and wellness programs that can help you lead a healthier life.

Programs and Resources

Do you want to find the right resources, save money, and manage your medical conditions? We offer programs and resources with your well-being in mind.

Care Coordination

Care Coordinators are registered nurses and other health care professionals who can help you connect to the services you need. They are here to help you meet your health goals. You may get care coordination services based on your health assessment needs. These are also known as case management services. They include:

  • Help transitioning your care when you leave the hospital for physical or behavioral health needs.
  • Help to set up care with your doctor and other health care team members.
  • Help for you, your family and your caregiver to better understand your health condition(s), medications and treatments.
  • Complex Case Management for physical and behavioral health: These services may help you navigate the health care system to improve your quality of life and save money.

Learn more about Care Coordination.



This program offers disease coaching classes, online resources and printed materials to better manage your diabetes or asthma/COPD.

Condition Management

Are you at risk of a chronic condition such as asthma, diabetes, or heart disease, including hypertension? Or maybe you need help managing your condition. Get one-on-one support when you join this program. You will learn how to get the most from your benefits and get help coordinating your care. You will get tools on:

  • Your specific condition(s).
  • Lifestyle changes that may improve your health.
  • How to keep your best quality of life.

Special Beginnings®

Our maternity program provides expectant moms with educational information and support through early pregnancy until 6 weeks after delivery through:

  • Pregnancy risk factor identification and ongoing communication/monitoring.
  • Educational materials covering pregnancy and infant care topics.
  • Personal telephone contact with program staff.
  • Help in managing high-risk conditions such as gestational diabetes and preeclampsia.
  • Access to online resources and maternity tools, such as My Healthy Pregnancy Calendar, a contraction timer and helpful articles.

24/7 Nurseline

 If you have questions, our nurses have answers. This help line is staffed 24 hours a day with registered nurses who can help you get answers to your health questions.

If you have an unexpected medical situation, call the Nurseline. A nurse can help you decide if you should call your doctor, visit the ER or urgent care, or treat the problem yourself. You can call the number on the back of your ID card to get the 24/7 Nurseline number for your plan.


Save money on health and wellness products and services through this online discount program. Sign up for email alerts to see new offers.


This Fitness Club Membership is designed with low-impact classes to help you get or stay fit. Learn more.

Other Health Topics

Some chronic conditions can be managed so you maintain a good quality of life. With lifestyle changes, some of these conditions can go away or be greatly improved. Some ways to help you lead a healthier life include a healthy diet, exercise, working to lower your stress levels and following your doctor’s advice. Check out these health topics:

Breast Cancer






Ovarian Cancer

Prostate Cancer



Quality Improvement Program

The Quality Improvement Program (QIP) helps you get the care and services that you need when you need it. Learn more about the Quality Improvement Program.


Blue365 is a discount program only for BCBSIL members. This is NOT insurance. Some of the services offered through this program may be covered under your health plan. Employees should check their benefit booklet or call the Customer Service number on the back of their ID card for specific benefit facts. Use of Blue365 does not change monthly payments, nor do costs of the services or products count toward any maximums and/or plan deductibles. Discounts are only given through vendors that take part in this program. BCBSIL does not guarantee or make any claims or recommendations about the program’s services or products. Members should consult their doctor before using these services and products. BCBSIL reserves the right to stop or change this program at any time without notice.

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Living365 is a wellness and condition guidance initiative offered by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois, a Division of Health Care Service Corporation, a Mutual Legal Reserve Company, an Independent Licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.